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Not sure what a wedding consultant actually do? Here are some clues and educational advice from a couple that recently hired a wedding coordinator when having an wedding in the south Pacific.

We had our wedding in Jamaica, says Martin and Anne. When having a wedding abroad, it’s very important with a consultant helping understand the local customs. They can cope with an unpredictable environment, help with all the logistical details while managing the budget.

When you arrive they are there to meet you. They inform you about the status of the wedding cake and all other vendors that might or might not be ready with their tasks. A professional wedding consultant always have a back-up plan when something goes wrong. We used the team at Legal Tahitian Wedding to sort out everything we couldn’t handle ourselves. They took care of all the nitty-gritty details you cannot manage yourself. When running out of ideas, they are also very creative. The coordinators from Legal Tahitian Wedding made arrangements with wedding customs and made sure that all guests knew what’s going on. They set-up a plan for rehearsals before the ceremony and do all other important steps in the most important day of your life. We could highly recommend them if you’re heading to Tahiti or another island in the south pacific.

Tottenham Hotspur, one of the premier leagues top footballing sides is to back the the governments new idea to introduce new flagship university technical colleges which will give opportunities to 14-18 year old’s in which they will be offered the best vocational education.

The Tottenham UTC will have a curriculum that specialises in in sports science and health and is just one of the 13 UTCs that have been announced by the Government which means that the total UTCs to be opened by 2015 is 45-

Former Education Secretary Lord Kenneth Baker said: “All these UTC’s will do something to help fill the enormous skills gap in our economy.”

Yet more UTCs are suspected to be opened in 2015 and will be announced before 2015.


For Students studying Photography there are some tips and tricks that you won’t learn through your university or college but through experience and we have devised a few tips for wedding photographers who are looking for that extra edge in their images.

Family photos can be a very chaotic moment in your job as you don’t really know who’s who and everyone is wondering all over the place so the best thing to do is to co-ordinate the family to avoid any stress of missing someone in the photo. Also be loud and affirmative as everyone will be talking so you need to make sure everyone hears what your saying to again avoid missing someone out of the picture.

It is always a good idea to visit the location before the day of the wedding to get a good idea of where you can get the best shots. Also take some test shots to get an idea.

Lastly look for the fine details of the wedding such as the wedding rings and the holding of hands these can make for great pictures.

Check out for an idea of the quality of images you should be looking for.

The first graduates of the Spurs foundation degree course where honoured at white hart lane on the 15th of august.

The 9 students are the first former students to be graduate through the programme that is run by Tottenham Hotspur in partnership with Middlesex University. The graduates were given a short speec by Grant Cornwell MBE which followed by awards that were given out by the legend Ledly King.

Chris Blackwood, 22, a graduate had this to say “This course has been amazing and it’s been great doing it with Spurs as they are such a big part of the community.I really enjoyed the whole experience and you were made to feel you were part of the club.”


Tottenham Hotspur has become the first team in the Premier League to run a degree programme at white hart lane where 25 students can go on each foundation degree courses.

The two courses include Sports and Community development and the other is Sports hospitality and nutrition. The two courses could both lead to full honors at Middlesex University.

Grant Cornwell, chief executive said this “We’re almost at capacity for the two courses.”

It will cost around £6,000 a year but students can be eligible to goverment loans

This new system is to go online in 2013 right now the government is now paying 1,810 for every student for their grant. Stormont will no longer disburse a grant on behalf of students opting for third level education in the Republic said Learning Minister Stephen farry.

This is pretty low if you compare it to UK universities which are £9,000 per year. Tuition fees in the Republic of Ireland were scrapped in 1996 but contribution fees were welcomed.

As the department paid the contribution fee on behalf of students from Northern Ireland, it resulted in thousands of students being entitled to a free degree in the Republic.


The importance of degree is set to fall due to tuition fee rising to £9,000 next term. The figure was at £100,000 and now set to be £ 79,500 depending on what course you are doing rhis comes from Institute for Public Policy Research.

The research says that people that done their A-levels can earn up to £47,000 a year and that with a degree it was at Institute for Public Policy Research £98,000.

The reading recommended that annual tuition fees of £7,000 would consequence in £86,000 of take-home pay, as fees of £9,000 would result in extra earnings of £79,500.

Mary Anderson survived breast cancer whilst she was earning a master’s degree in nursing leadership online from St. Joseph’s College in North Windham.

She in addition was holding down a top-level job as supporter chief nurse at the hospital at VA Maine Healthcare System-Togus.

“It certainly made me more driven to reach my goals in life,” Anderson, 53, of Richmond, said of her bout with cancer. “I love my job; I love where I work. I was very fortunate that the VA offers this program.”

Anderson was referring to a program in which the VA continues to pay its employees’ salaries as well as their education outlay while they are pursuing college degrees. In switch over, employee-students agree to carry on functioning for the VA for at least three years after they graduate.

She earned her master’s degree last December, but sought to hold off on compliant it until spring so her 88-year-old father and her mother could watch her march in cap and gown with the May 12 graduation procession at St. Joseph’s.

Also earning a master’s degree Anderson was her friend Tiffany Rooney, of Vassalboro, who has worked with Anderson at different locations over the past 18 years. They were able to study as one in some courses.

Rooney, a nurse manager for home-based primary care at Togus, is a survivor of thyroid cancer and lung cancer.

Anderson was born in Germany, where her father was stationed with the U.S. Army. When he retired, he moved back to his hometown of Bath, and Anderson graduated in 1976 from Morse High School in Bath. She received an associate degree in nursing in 1978 from Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston and a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 1984 from the University of Southern Maine.

Anderson was head nurse in the emergency department of Bath Memorial Hospital and in the intensive care unit at Maine Medical Center in Portland. And she was director of the Gardiner unit of Healthreach Home Care and Hospice, where Rooney was a supervisor.




Sarah copper was stunned when she was collecting her degree to see her boy friend Sam Miller on the stage on his knee whit a ring in his hands.
Sarah was in university for four years working for her justice, law, and society degree, the video was captured on the moment. Sam’s voice could not me heard from the screaming audience.

Sam Miller said that his family said that he should wait until we graduated we got engaged but I didn’t want to spend any more time waiting for her to be my fiancée.

Sam has now got a job with relations firm as a communications assistant, and Sarah is still looking to be a teacher.

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin will be the first university in Texas to offer a $10,000 four-year degree program.

The Texas Science Scholar Program was approved at the University of Texas System Board of Regents meeting in Austin on Wednesday. The program will offer a four-year degree program costing $10,000 in the areas of geology, chemistry, computer science, information systems and math. The reduced price in tuition would save future students an annual amount of almost $4,000 per year.

Paul Feit, department chair and mathematics program coordinator at UTPB, said he sees the program as an experiment. He said he expects the first year to primarily impact local students and possibly in future years could bring in students from other areas in the state.

“At my end it’s getting new faces in the classroom,” Feit said. “If it works, it will be a tremendous shot in the arm in many ways.”

The new program could go into effect in the fall, with criteria of maintaining full-time status and a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average. Students have to apply for the program through the university and will receive the discounted tuition cost only if accepted.

And while one plan approved a lower tuition cost for students, UTPB officials have also proposed a tuition increase, which could increase undergraduate tuition 2.57 percent annually for the 2012 school year and another 2.6 percent in the 2013 school year.
The reason UTPB is able to offer the program lies mainly in the recent addition of the university’s $54 million Science and Technology building.

Fannin said that since the completion of the math and science building in the fall, UTPB has a higher capacity for students. He said the campus has a capacity for 5,000 to 6,000 students but there are currently about 4,000 students and a lot of empty seats in classrooms, which could be filled without a major expense to UTPB.

“The opportunity has opened up. Why wait four or five years?” Fannin said.

And while the university does not have a set goal of added enrollment in mind, Fannin said, there could be an instance in the future where classroom capacity is met in certain programs and that would put a limit on the program’s availability.